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Waterproofing for Professionals

WFP GmbH was founded in Leonberg (Baden-Wuerttemberg) in 2003. The first product produced and marketed was a patented, self-standing, coated metal waterstop with mounting brackets. After that, the Joint Sealing division was further expanded with shut-offs, rupture elements, swelling tapes and seals, injection hoses and profiles. A lot of research work resulted in innovations and developments that strengthened and expanded the product range of WFP GmbH. This was followed by the move to Rutesheim and the expansion of production with construction chemical products. Crystalline mortars, sealing slurries, special mortars, mineral thick coatings, injection resins and gels. The production area in Rutesheim could not be expanded, so new halls were rented in the neighboring community of Renningen. The head office remains in Rutesheim. Today, the product range of WFP GmbH includes fresh concrete composite foils, joint sealings, set-downs, slurries and thick coatings, special mortars, injection materials, special and restoration plasters, liquid rubber, protection coatings, hydrophobic coatings and the patented fresh concrete foil for precast concrete garage roofs.

We remain true to our Company Profile:

listening carefully ...
 Vertrauen schaffen - Vertrauen genießen!

Creating trust – Enjoying Trust!

Honesty and transparency in communication create mutual trust. This is our daily approach and thus our partners at home and abroad can rely on our word.

 Kunden sind Partner

Customers are partners

Our partners expect the highest product quality in terms of processability, ingredients, durability and functionality, also in the field of research and development. Our goal is a long-term business relationship with our customers based on partnership.

Mitarbeiter (m/w/d)

Employee (m/f/d)

Only with a high level of employee satisfaction can we achieve the customer satisfaction we have identified. Our employees are our capital and therefore they should feel comfortable with us in the long term. We ensure this by creating secure and long-term jobs. It is important to us that every employee not only knows our company philosophy, but also lives it. Each individual is given the highest possible degree of personal responsibility. Each employee enjoys the appreciation and recognition of the other.



Our suppliers are equal business partners for us. We expect the highest possible level of quality and reliability in advance, just as our customers/partners expect from us. This partnership is characterized by honesty, openness, trust and above all acceptance.



It is our goal to ensure that all activities are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner. In all our actions, environmental aspects are never lost sight of. We continuously ensure this through periodic inspections.